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Monday, September 23, 2013

Look what's coming today!

Okay so if you didnt get enough eye candy in the last post. Check out these pics. This is what is coming today. I will try and get some pics.

Sandra and Denise (I call them the "De-stash Sisters" LOL) are moving in this week. They are bringing a whole trailer load of goodies, collectibles in both retro and vintage. They have 2 rooms in the shop and a whole trailer of goodness. Ohhh my, is that all gonna fit? Stay tuned to find out!

Some assembledge eye candy

Here are just a few little tidbits of eye candy for you as we start assemblage in the different rooms.

Rolled fabrics  still a bit unorganized but lots of fun colors

Lydia is carding all of these fabric goodies. She is having way too much fun doing this. Ohhh by the way, this is the shelf I was painting.

In the orange room(it may change to the citrus room) a delicious collection of green glass and a French Poster all on a fish wall shelf. Try to say that 3 times!

More French Posters. These were a gift from a lovely person. They will not be for sale, just for display. I can't wait for you to see the orange room! It truly is a cacophony of color!

A little bit of vintage. 

Working on a seasonal room.

A shelf with a picture of Hannah, she is actually covering up an electrical fixture. Can you imagine Miley covering anything? :p

Our gallery is very green and very long! Waiting to start hanging up some pictures.

Baskets will hang from the ceiling priced from $.25 to about $3.00 what a deal!

Picture frames, another deal starting at .025 for a small frame to about $1.00 for an 8 x 10
Wow what a bargain!

Remember this shelf? Its starting to fill up. These are assorted papers and ephemera perfect fro crafting and all free in the free room.

Check out all of this delicious display, these are more items in the free room.
Free? Huh? What????
Yes!!! It's all Free!(except the fixtures)
I will try to take more pictures today. I am headed to the shop for a full day of more sorting and assemblage.
Thanks for looking!

Washing and painting eye candy

Hi Everyone,
I have been a little bit behind in my posting on the progress of our shop. With only 8 days left til our opening I am getting just a little bit hyper. Since my last post, Tom and I went to a lovely wedding, then he left for 4 days on a hiking/camping trip then when he came back I left for 2 days of scrapbooking.
We both needed that little break but I think the whole time I was really planning my next moves in shop preparations. Here are some pics I had taken a while back.

70 very dirty file box shelves that needed washing. Yep, 10-15 water changes and about 5 hours of washing, drying, and assembling.

I thought the pile would never end

A shelf that needs to be painted blue for the fabric room

Here the buckets are starting to be assembled on the shelf. This fabulous shelf will hold lots of sorted papers in the free room.

more to come!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

20 more days and still lots to do

Hi Everyone,

After a whole day in the city on Monday and a desparately needed day off yesterday, I am ready to get back in and plunge through more sorting and arranging.

The painting is coming along good. Tom went to the shop yesterday when I stayed home. He finished up the main room and also the kitchen is done.I am excited to see it today. His next tackle will be the gallery hallway. That will be a big job, and I think that will get done a little bit later.

While I was at home Tom also unloaded 3 tables and a huge file stand that someone is letting us use for the shop. Apparently they need some cleaning and a little TLC so I will work on those today. I will post some pics later today.

This morning I am off to do some errands and a couple of pickups then headed to the shop.

I will catch up with all of you either later today or first thing in the am!

Have a great day!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Orange Paint Riddle

Hi Everyone,
So what do you do when you have a half gallon of bright orange paint, and a small book nook room that needs painting?......

Of course you paint the room orange and you must find an orange chair!
I found this beauty at The St. Pierre Thrift Shop for $9.00 (sweet!) it swivels and rocks and is super comfy! Now I can cross off comfy chair from my wish list.

The book nook room has now been renamed The Orange Room. Did you think you were going to see it?
Nope! Not until it is filled with books.
Two other rooms were painted yesterday (Thank-you my wonderful hubbyman) and I did lots of sorting and cleaning stuff.
I feel like I have switched my perfume of choice to Javex and Fabreez that is all I can smell.

Today more painting unloading sorting and carpet cleaning.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

If you can ever imagine me speechless

Hi Everyone,
If ever you could imagine me speechless this could have been the day.
 I dropped a van full direct to the shop yesterday and met up with Vivian and she helped me to unload the van as well as her car full of goodies. (Pictures to follow) She is coming back on Saturday with a table and a bookshelf! Whooo hooo!
Then it was off to Winnipeg to pick up from Janine and Robin
These are only some of the items I picked up yesterday in Winnipeg, there are 3 huge boxes in the garage, and a load of glass pieces and trust me you are not seeing it all in the pictures.. I will take better pictures once we start sorting things at the shop. For now you just get a little peek.

No I am not at all overwhelmed, not yet, just a little speechless at how wonderful and generous people have been for this project.
A super big Thank-you Janine, Robin and hubby John, and Vivian and another big Thank-you to my Aunt Sandy who was my shotgun "partner in crime" and helped to load all of these goodies into the van.

I had to unload these items into the house and garage this morning only because it was too late last night when I passed through St. Pierre heading home. I didnt want to be unloading in the dark alley by myself.

Another big Thank-you goes out to Cloverdale Paints and the great staff, who helped us find enough mis-tint paints at a fabulous price to finish painting the store. You guys rock!

Today it is pickups in Vita, drop offs in St.Pierre and 3 more pickups in Steinbach. I am really gonna try to get all of todays pickups back to the shop before the end of the day and hurry home to clear a path before the hubbyman gets home.
He may be my superman, but I dont think he can fly over all the stuff in the breezeway, but maybe if I make him a cape.......

stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cleaning Patching and Wall Paper Removal

Hi Everyone,
Well the Tolstoi sale gave us the chance to let people know where we were headed next and a great way to hand out more flyers for donation items.

Carol, Denise, Sandra and I stopped at the store on Saurday after the sale to have a look at the building and so finally here is a picture of the outside.

Some items that were dropped off during the Tolstoi sale. My van was full and with such wonderful treasures. Thank-you Carol, Gladys, Denise and Sandra. LOL it still makes me laugh when everyone asks me if I want, and I say yes without actually hearing what it is.

I havent even had time to look through things but that basket is full of goodness!

A little peek!

Here we are yesterday, Tom's truck! Or should I say "The Clampett's are moving to St. Pierre!"

Cleaning supplies, a small load of boxes, some furniture and even that big bag of bags managed to find its way into this trip. Watch yur head Granny!

We spent the whole day cleaning, removing wallpaper, and patching the walls. And unloading the vehicles too.
Lunch was 2 fabulous sandwiches from the Bigway store, a steal at $5.00 and it included the drink. The snacks were not necessary as the sandwich was more than enough. Between the sandwiches and the Gelati, I think I will be walking to Bigway many times.

2 chairs, a little table, and a wonderful lunch with my hubbyman. What more does a girl need?

Today I will be dropping off another load on my way to Winnipeg, I have 3 huge pickups to do with my Aunt's friends. Janine, Christine, and Robin, I am on my way to see you all today!

Stay tuned for more coming soon!