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Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday my other day off...... eye candy for you

Hi Everyone,

Okay so I spent all day Sunday at the store sorting  and organizing in the sorting room. So now I should be able to work in there to process items that come in. Sure right? LOL

So today, Monday, is supposed to be a day to stay home and work on some paperwork and a few things around the house, but that didnt really happen.

So here are the pics from my day off:

2 very dirty stinky bunnies, I removed their clothes and added them to a tea dye bath that I was making in the washing machine. The dye process was to include many yards of white ribbon that had been made in to bows for a wedding (I think). Also had an old wedding dress and veil that were very distressed already and very musty. I figured I would dye them too and if they didnt turn out they would get cut up for art. At the very least I am hoping to salvage the distressed wedding dress into a store prop. But back to the bunnies...

Here are the bunnies, and yes they are doing the back float so dont worry they can breathe. I was very careful and nothing was agitated just gently swooshed around with a wood stick.

Ribbons and veil on the line drying. The ribbons are a very light tea stain that will be perfect for an upcoming tag class I will be doing. The veil did not do so well, but again these pieces will be used in my tag class. Tag class is 20 shabby chic shipping tags all supplies included for $20.00. I will be doing my samples very soon.

More ribbons and a few pieces of cloth I had thrown in the mix. One cloth took on a very orangy coloring. I wonder if something reacted that was in the cloth?

My bunnies are very soaked and very distressed (only in colour). They seemed very happy to be sun bathing in the nude. :)

The wedding dress stained very nicely and will make a lovely distressed prop in the store. Not sure where yet, but I am happy how it turned out. I hung it from the wire frame that Tom made for our vine.
Its really cool hanging there but a bit eerie.

So After all the washing and hanging, I went out to the garden and picked a bowl of yellow raspberries. I think I ate as much as you see in the pic and will share the rest with Tom. They are delicious and I was surprised that they made it through the frost we had. If the weather holds up okay I should be able to pick another bowl in a couple of days.

I also spent an hour trying to coax Lulu out of our tree and finally had to get out the ladder to go get her. No sooner down and she ran right back up. Then I let her get down herself the second time. Sorry no pics I wasnt thinking about pics at the time.

Then Lulu came in the house and decided she found another new toy to play with. Ratty was outside so this time I know who the culprit is.

A quick lunch, PJ toast and tea! Yum!

Then taking the labels off these lovely blue bottles. Its a real pain getting the glue off these bottles even with olive oil, had to do them twice. I am sure the glue could be put to really good use for medical purposes. Like glueing incisions or gluing small limbs like fingers or toes back on.
Really I would love to get some of this glue.
I cleaned 7 bottles and still have 7 more but that will have to be saved for another day. Its an ugly job.

Then I washed a sink full of flowers and leaves. Some things just should not have a bad smell but they do, and the water was pretty dark when I was done. 2 rinses and some drying time and they will be ready for return to the store.
Next, went and brought in the dryed items but the bunnies are going to take a month to dry. I will leave thes out for the rest of the day and then try to dry in the dryer. Dont they look cute? LOL The staining is looking really good.

Okay so last but not least, one tuckered out playful kitten still needs to sit on my lap for a nap. Lulu misses me when I am gone. She always runs to meet me as soon as I come home.  It makes me sad for those cats at the store. Maybe someday they will own a lap too.

She purrs like a little motor....

Okay thats it for this post. I will take more pics tomorrow at the store and try to update again tomorrow night.
Gotta go make supper for the Hubbyman!

Our Feral Cats

We found this momma and her sweet little girl almost the day we started to move in. I think they are the "town strays" and include an ugly alley male cat that I only see once in a while.

I have been feeding them since day one and Lydia and I are now both feeding them.  I have a small wooden bin that Tom moved to the wall in the back and he cut a hole and filled it with straw. I dont know if they have slept in it but the food was gone from the dish I left inside.

Momma will only let me get about 2-3 feet from her and then she starts hissing. The little one will be more adventurous very soon as she often gets closer but if I move slightly she runs off.

Momma is a bit beat up probably from fighting, and I can see in the little one's ears and they look very dark so I am guessing some serious ear mites.
It's gonna take some time but once I can get to them I will look into getting some basic health care for them.
If anyone wants to donate some food or some vet gift cards for treatments, we (Lydia and I) would certainly welcome the donation. And if anyone is thinking adoption in the future, again we would welcome the offers. In the mean time, we will kept them well fed.

I luv that some customers are just so intense.....

Some shoppers really get into their purchases and choosing the right item can be intense....very intense.

So many choices, what's a girl to do? She finally did choose to stick to her first choice and went with the purple one.

I can only hope that she will be a regular customer in the store. I can't wait til she gets an actual allowance!

Friday morning van was full from Thursdays pickups

A clanging cacophony that rattled in the van all day Thursday and then again on Friday morning on my way in.

These 2 Santas went straight to the "Free Room"

Sorry but they were already taken home by closing on Friday night.

What I came home to on Thursday night.

Okay this may not be exactly Artist Pivot related, but this is what I came home to Thursday night. Hubby was sleeping and the critters were one took I can only guess who started this and I am betting on my sweet little Lulu. But Ratty was right in there having a ball!
I got to clean up after the party, and hubby saw the pics in the morning.....maybe he was in on this?

New Vendor on Thursday

Hi Everyone,

Here is a pic of our new vendor Darcia Barnabe. She is local from St Pierre. She creates these lovely colorful hats for all ages. She says that with 3 boys she needs to find a way to "get her girl on" by making pretty hats and little girl clothes. Ohhh I have my eye on the gray and brown hat! You can find her in the fibres/fabric room.

We have 2 more new vendors but I havent taken the pics yet for their booths. (had a busy Friday Night and Saturday all day). I will take pics on Tuesday and post soon after.

Some signage is done

Hi Everyone

WE are starting to get our signage and hours done and posted. It has been a good week. The response has been very good. We now have 28 facebook likes whoo hoo!!!

Here are some pics of our signs and hours. Yes I blocked out my phone number because I dont want to be getting calls from half the internet.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Store Opening Day

Hi Everyone,

Here are some pictures of the store on opening day yesterday.
We had a great time and  I would like to thank everyone that came out to see our store.
Thank-you Denise and Sandra, and Wendy and Eddie, for the beautiful flowers!
Everything in the store looks so wonderful, and the prices are fabulous.
After the store closed at the end of the day, I helped a new artist/vendor set up her spot, and another one will be joining us today. I will take pictures today and tell you all about them.
I also met with Margaret, an oil paint instructor that will be teaching classes in our shop in November. Pictures and more information will follow tonight too!

Kim's Jewelry, Hats by Danuta and Isadora

Sandra and Denise aka Past and Presents

Lovely table display for fall

Handmade Children's Dresses by Lydia Hildebrandt

Our kitchen, table is now crossed off my wish list, thank-you Sandra!

Fabric room, Kim's spool fairies

Baskets galore!

Yay! we have a microwave!
Hats by Kim, and our sales desk, Thank-you Denise and Erin!

Delicious scarves by Carol Dolynchuk, Soap, Healing Oils by Danuta Kocylowska

Cards by Nature Photographer Louise Hiebert

Vintage room and art by Kim

Kim's Boudoir babes

A little bit of Asian Decor in the shop

The Citrus Room aka The Orange Room aka The Book Nook

More goodies from Denise and Sandra, see, it did all fit in!

Handmade cards by Kim

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for more to come very soon!