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Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Feral Cats

We found this momma and her sweet little girl almost the day we started to move in. I think they are the "town strays" and include an ugly alley male cat that I only see once in a while.

I have been feeding them since day one and Lydia and I are now both feeding them.  I have a small wooden bin that Tom moved to the wall in the back and he cut a hole and filled it with straw. I dont know if they have slept in it but the food was gone from the dish I left inside.

Momma will only let me get about 2-3 feet from her and then she starts hissing. The little one will be more adventurous very soon as she often gets closer but if I move slightly she runs off.

Momma is a bit beat up probably from fighting, and I can see in the little one's ears and they look very dark so I am guessing some serious ear mites.
It's gonna take some time but once I can get to them I will look into getting some basic health care for them.
If anyone wants to donate some food or some vet gift cards for treatments, we (Lydia and I) would certainly welcome the donation. And if anyone is thinking adoption in the future, again we would welcome the offers. In the mean time, we will kept them well fed.

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