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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My morning commute!

Hi Everyone,

I have had several people comment that it was far to drive every day to the store in St. Pierre from where I live near Vita and Stuartburn. It's approx 35 minutes.
When I lived in the city, I spent an hour each way driving across the city through bumper to bumper traffic lineups slowly inching my way and smelling gas fumes.
Now I drive through incredible live landscapes, and I can smell the cool crisp air of fall coming, I see cows grazing in the fields, beautiful skies, and I can actually stop the car in the middle of the highway and take the pictures. At the time of day I am driving in the morning  I may see a total of 2 cars on the highway. By the time I get to the shop I have a clear head and I am ready to start my day.

The bridge at Stuartburn. I cross 4 bodies of water on my way.

Beautiful colours

They thought I was odd taking their picture.

Incredible skies, the clouds seemed to dance across the blue sky

The sun now higher in the sky changed the look again.

What a view, I'll take that any day!

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