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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

20 more days and still lots to do

Hi Everyone,

After a whole day in the city on Monday and a desparately needed day off yesterday, I am ready to get back in and plunge through more sorting and arranging.

The painting is coming along good. Tom went to the shop yesterday when I stayed home. He finished up the main room and also the kitchen is done.I am excited to see it today. His next tackle will be the gallery hallway. That will be a big job, and I think that will get done a little bit later.

While I was at home Tom also unloaded 3 tables and a huge file stand that someone is letting us use for the shop. Apparently they need some cleaning and a little TLC so I will work on those today. I will post some pics later today.

This morning I am off to do some errands and a couple of pickups then headed to the shop.

I will catch up with all of you either later today or first thing in the am!

Have a great day!


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