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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cleaning Patching and Wall Paper Removal

Hi Everyone,
Well the Tolstoi sale gave us the chance to let people know where we were headed next and a great way to hand out more flyers for donation items.

Carol, Denise, Sandra and I stopped at the store on Saurday after the sale to have a look at the building and so finally here is a picture of the outside.

Some items that were dropped off during the Tolstoi sale. My van was full and with such wonderful treasures. Thank-you Carol, Gladys, Denise and Sandra. LOL it still makes me laugh when everyone asks me if I want, and I say yes without actually hearing what it is.

I havent even had time to look through things but that basket is full of goodness!

A little peek!

Here we are yesterday, Tom's truck! Or should I say "The Clampett's are moving to St. Pierre!"

Cleaning supplies, a small load of boxes, some furniture and even that big bag of bags managed to find its way into this trip. Watch yur head Granny!

We spent the whole day cleaning, removing wallpaper, and patching the walls. And unloading the vehicles too.
Lunch was 2 fabulous sandwiches from the Bigway store, a steal at $5.00 and it included the drink. The snacks were not necessary as the sandwich was more than enough. Between the sandwiches and the Gelati, I think I will be walking to Bigway many times.

2 chairs, a little table, and a wonderful lunch with my hubbyman. What more does a girl need?

Today I will be dropping off another load on my way to Winnipeg, I have 3 huge pickups to do with my Aunt's friends. Janine, Christine, and Robin, I am on my way to see you all today!

Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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