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Thursday, September 5, 2013

If you can ever imagine me speechless

Hi Everyone,
If ever you could imagine me speechless this could have been the day.
 I dropped a van full direct to the shop yesterday and met up with Vivian and she helped me to unload the van as well as her car full of goodies. (Pictures to follow) She is coming back on Saturday with a table and a bookshelf! Whooo hooo!
Then it was off to Winnipeg to pick up from Janine and Robin
These are only some of the items I picked up yesterday in Winnipeg, there are 3 huge boxes in the garage, and a load of glass pieces and trust me you are not seeing it all in the pictures.. I will take better pictures once we start sorting things at the shop. For now you just get a little peek.

No I am not at all overwhelmed, not yet, just a little speechless at how wonderful and generous people have been for this project.
A super big Thank-you Janine, Robin and hubby John, and Vivian and another big Thank-you to my Aunt Sandy who was my shotgun "partner in crime" and helped to load all of these goodies into the van.

I had to unload these items into the house and garage this morning only because it was too late last night when I passed through St. Pierre heading home. I didnt want to be unloading in the dark alley by myself.

Another big Thank-you goes out to Cloverdale Paints and the great staff, who helped us find enough mis-tint paints at a fabulous price to finish painting the store. You guys rock!

Today it is pickups in Vita, drop offs in St.Pierre and 3 more pickups in Steinbach. I am really gonna try to get all of todays pickups back to the shop before the end of the day and hurry home to clear a path before the hubbyman gets home.
He may be my superman, but I dont think he can fly over all the stuff in the breezeway, but maybe if I make him a cape.......

stay tuned for more!


  1. Oi Boy! That's alot of stuff....and like you said....can't see it all in the picture. Keep the enthusiasm, Kim. (did I spell that right?)

  2. Hey Kim, where's the pic of you laying on top of all that stuff - catching some zzzzzs?