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Friday, August 30, 2013

A Recap of Yesterday

Godd morning blogland!

Okay though it sounds really chipper, it was a bit of a rough start this morning as my day yesterday was on overdrive!
We (Danuta and I) picked up the sign in St.Pierre from the thrift shop and while we were loading it up I found 3 doors with glass panes that were marked free! Bonus!
So we loaded those into the van and then went and shopped and I picked up another bookcase for the store for $5.00 Wow, if you have a chance to stop in that thrift shop, you will find lots of fun goodies and some great prices. The Village Connection in St. Pierre!

Snap and darn it all! I forgot to take pictures of the outside of the building and the doors with glass but I will do that after the weekend. By the time we got those items into the store (did I mention that we must take everything down a flight of stairs?) we were both huffing and puffing.

We were supposed to go back for a desk but I knew that we would not be able to get that down the stairs without removing the drawers so will go back for it with the hubbyman (Tom) on Tuesday.

After that we picked up a collection of donations and did some shopping at the MCC store in Steinbach. I swear, half of Vita was out shopping at both of those locations yesterday. I ran into many familiar faces. Dont worry I wont tell if you dont! :)

My van was already loaded to the maximum or so I thought, and while we were at MCC I saw this little wooden and very distressed trunk for $5.00. It needed lots of TLC and so I passed on it and in my mind I said thank-goodness Lydia wasnt here with me today or she would have bought it and we would be trying to squeeze it into any airspace we had left in the van.
Well the thought had barely vanished from my head and while I was in another area of the store I heard Danuta yell for me and so I came up and here she was holding the trunk with a panic look and asked me if we could fit it into the van, she had to have it!  We managed to fit it in but the air in the van was getting thinner.
We made one more stop before heading home and while at this other store we saw 2 ladies putting out new clothes stock. As they were doing it, they were throwing the plastic bags into a huge bag. I went up and asked the girl what they were going to do with that big bag of bags? She did say it was going to be recycled and so I asked her if we could have it and she said yes. I did explain why I wanted it and she was happy to let us have the bags. Thank-you Amanda! (shes my newest BFF) Danuta just rolled her eyes and if you would have seen the 2 of us trying to stuff this giant pillow of plastic into the van you would have laughed. I sure many people going past us in the parking lot must have thought we had lost it.
Below are the pictures and I am sure you can tell that we pretty much had to roll down the windows to get air to breath.

This is the side view with the wooden trunk, and you can sort of see the big sign we picked up

Same side of van

This is the back and I am really surprised that bag of bags didnt explode when I opened the back of the van.

After I unloaded the van at home, I had to re-load it with all the stuff I was taking to the Tolstoi sale.
The sign had to get reloaded too because I was dropping it off to Lydia. She is going to create something wonderful! I can't wait to see the end result!

A very loaded topsy turvy van (I hit a corner a little too fast)

Just a closeup.

So after unloading the van at Tolstoi (Thank-you Denise for helping me) I spent the rest of the evening (till 1130pm) setting up my display. It is still not quite finished and I have more to bring today.
By the time my head hit the pillow last night it was 1:30 I think.

I am awake and will be fine after a few more cups of coffee but I am expecting that I will be a walking zombie by mid day.
I hope to see you at the sale if you are in the area. There are lot of treasures and beautiful pieces, I have already made a couple of purchases myself.

Have a great day! and stay tuned for more later this weekend!


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  1. You are an adventure on wheels, Kim.....I envy your energy and enthusiasm!!