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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cleaning some of the stash stuff

Hi everyone,

Sometimes when I pick up stuff from my different sources, it requires a little TLC.
Whether it is a good washing because of dust or sometimes extreme washing because of being stored for a long time in some dark grungy place.

Regardless, all items are inspected by doing a visual inspection and then of course the most important "sniff test" is by far the most revealing as to whether an item is ready to be put out for re-use.

So to give you an example, the items below did not pass the sniff test and were then subject to extreme washing methods using very hot water, pinesol and other cleaning products.

These wreaths and garlands are only a small sample of what I washed that day.

It was hot, very hot, and so I put on shorts, a gallon of sunscreen, a hat and was a barefoot bottle washer. I will add a few captions for you as you peruse through the pics.

An assortment of Christmas flowers and pine pieces

Pine garlands were washed and left to dry all over my lawn

This was my prize of the day, a huge piece of burlap in very distressed condition. I had to wash it 3 times and then where to put this huge piece? So I spread it all over the lawn and let it dry in the sun.
I am sure you are thinking, what on earth could that grungy looking thing be good for? Well you are just going to have to sign up for one of my classes to find out. I have already put it aside for the class. I will keep you posted and remind you about this again!

My outdoor wash tub. This thing is a life saver! I picked it up during the St. Pierre weekend town wide garage sale for a mere $15.00 Merci!
We have hot and cold running water out door taps, but I tell you on this day it was all about how cold I could get the water and still get things clean.

These are 3 of the ugliest tv trays I have seen in a while. They are rusted, dented, stained, stinky and full of cobwebs. All I ma doing right now is cleaning them up enough to be able to store them until the store opens. I plan to paint them so that they look okay for displays. Be sure to ask about these when the store opens. Maybe I will post an after pic before then.

My painted toes got in the picture with a pair of Toms sandals on my feet.

ugly metal tv tray legs


  1. I'm exhausted, just reading this! I can visualize a very cool, funky (NOT smelly) place! Keep the spirit going!

  2. Thanks Carol! Stay tuned for more to come!