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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Website Email and stuff

Hi Everyone,

Not a lot to report this morning but hopefully some pictures later today. This morning (5am) was about getting more internet presence so I have set up the website page.

You can visit it: it just has the basic information that you see here but will have more content once the store opens, including the option to purchase items on line.

You can also contact us by email: kim (at) artistpivot (dot) com
The email address needs to replace the at with the @ and replace the dot with .
I did this to prevent robot spammers from reading my email address of this site and flooding my email with junk. For those of you that know me you will be able to contact me through my other email address too.
While I was at it, I printed some business cards this morning, they turned out pretty good and I will take pics later to show you.  The are printed on recycled kraft card stock from used file folders.

Other than that
  • Wendy is working on my insurance for the store.(Hi Wendy at BSI! :) )
  • I am picking up a sign from The Village Connection (got a great price for their old sign) to be painted with our logo (more info later)
  • I will take pictures of the outside of the store building today
  • make a few pickups of stuff that has been donated
  • then rush home , unload and reload the vehicle for the Tolstoi sale
  • Head over to Tolstoi and set up my display booth.
  • Back home and upload the latest pics for you to see.
Are you tired yet? LOL I am and I haven't even started.
See you all later today!

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