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Pivot - The pin or centre on which anything balances and turns.

Monday, August 26, 2013

It all starts with an idea.....

Well someone else's idea actually.

An artist depot or hub or pivot. You can find these all over the continent. Each have different missions.
  • A place where artists can come and find materials to use for their art projects. 
  • A place where businesses and residences can drop off their surplus or unwanted items for artists to use in their art. 
  • Free and nearly free items that can be recycled, upcycled, re-purposed, reused, restored, yada yada yada to save from the depths of the landfill yet one more time.
  • A place to mingle with other artists, (coffee will be on) share ideas (yeah gotta luv workshops) pick up cool art supply stuff (free and/or nearly free) and buy some wonderful gifts and home decor (handmade by artists and vendors)
I have been taking art supplies and recycle-able items to Artsjunktion for years now, almost since the day they opened. However the more I asked and took from my friends, family, and businesses that I personally knew, the more stuff I got.
At first I just took items from my own list, then I downloaded Artsjunktion's list and handed that out to everyone I knew and the little project just grew and grew.
What was supposed to be a once a week drop off to the city, soon became a garage full of stuff waiting to be delivered. The phone calls, the estates, the decluttering and all of my friends telling 2 more friends and so on.

The evolution of the "Kim Box"....yeah thats what everyone calls it.

I have to laugh and sometimes I cringe when I see a garbage bag with my name on it. Not something you expect that is the beginning of what will take you to on a new adventure......

So the age old questions:........ If I build it, will you give me your stuff and will you come?

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