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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Store pictures

Hi Everyone,

Okay I have uploaded the images from my camera of the store as it looks right now. I just realized that I didnt take a picture of the outside of the building. Okay I will do that on Thursday when I stop by there again.

All the pictures sort of look the same but I will add some captions along the way.

At the front entrance the long hallway leads up to our back receiving door, this will be what we call The Gallery. 90 feet x 2 sides to be filled pictures, photos and more

Store selling area and a peek at some of the little rooms. this is where we will do the sales transactions and keep smaller items that are for sale. The rooms will be leased out to artists by piece of wall, whole walls, rooms or table tops.

The rest of the front sales room

The door to my favorite room, The Workshop, this is where we will hold classes, and I am hoping it will be where me and my gal pals (aka the SE Scrappers) will hang out once in awhile.

It is huge and bright and lots of windows. I already have 12 chairs for this room, just gotta find some tables.

In the workshop looking down the 2nd hallway. Walls will be filled with lots of artistic goodness! Anyone looking to rent some art space?

This is a cute little room and already I have named it the Book Nook. I want to have shelves of art and craft books and magazines and a small table and comfy chair to sit and read and drink coffee. So far I have lots of books, I have the table, I even have the coffee, still need some shelves and that small comfy chair. Got anything in your basement you are not using?

One of 4 rooms in that hallway that will be designated as selling space. They all look the same right now. I can't wait to see what they will look like.

They all have great lighting!

The end of the hallway as we approach the kitchen, on the right is the doorway to the "Nearly Free" room, where donated items that rank high in nice from the donations will be sold for a "nearly Free" price.

Kitchen is well equipped with cupboards, I have a small fridge, a microwave and a coffee machine and lots of beautiful cups I found in one of the donation lots. Picked up 4 ugly kitchen chairs that I will cover someday with fabric, but still need a kitchen table. Eventually I would like to have a couple of small round table and chairs sets like the old icecream shop style. If we go into long term leasing, I will get internet for the building and we can use our tablets and laptops and hangout having latte's and eatting bonbons. Did I mention that St. Pierre bakery is just around the corner?

 Ahhh yes, but I will have lots of work to do

This leads back to the Gallery Hallway

Another peek into the Nearly Free Room
I am wishing for lots of shelves and tables for display to fall from the sky. So far I have picked up a few things and Tom (my wonderful hubby man) has been painting everything I bring home.

Still in the NF Room but now you can see the Free Room aka the Depot

There it is, the Free Room. the whole length and width up to the pole on the left side. This will be the divider wall where the sorting room will be.

 The back corner is where we will sort items to put out. Again major analysis of items will take place including the scratch and sniff inspection.

Receiving area and holding room.

Holding room will serve as an office too. I think this is the only room with a door and lockable.

Everything needs cleaning before we can paint.

okay now we are at the other end of the Gallery looking at the front door. Hey a free mirror!

A huge bathroom

Our backdoor leads to one parking stall and delivery area. We have 2 huge bins gifted to us from the former thrift shop to use for donation drop offs. Cool! Thank-you Anita!

Whew! Are you as tired as I am? Well just imagine what the future holds.... Thanks for reading and looking.

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