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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fixtures for the store

They look pretty ugly eh?

Ugly seems to be my new favorite word and catch phrase these days.
But give these pieces a chance, I think you may be as impressed as I was, when you see the end results.

Just in case you didn't know, you can click on any of these images on my blog to get a larger closer view.

Tom spent a couple of days painting all of these items and more, in between football games and working on the patio. All 3 of these pieces are painted a periwinkle/lilac colour. They look stunning!

This one is a desk I picked up at the Village Connection Thrift Shop in St. Pierre for $3.00
It will be used for our guest book and opens up to store pamphlets and literature related to The Artist Pivot.

Our sales counter. Lydia and I found this one at the Steinbach MCC yeah for $20.00 (steal) I love the cubby hole and I think we will use it to hold bags. A drawer for cash and bottom cupboard for stuff. All hardware works well and drawer slides nicely. The top counter is actually larger than it looks.

This was the prize of the day at MCC.
A 3 legged corner table with little drawer and ornate metal drawer pull for $20.00
Luckily I  found it first, and Lydia has already called "dibs" if we ever don't need it.

An uuuuugly bookshelf, this was a free one donated and the person donating it just shook his head in disbelief that I was actually happy to take it off his hands. (Thank-you) Ohh yes I did agree that it was pretty ugly but I saw the potential. You wont see the missing boards when it is filled with wonderful things. Tom said if he has time he may replace the missing boards.
Not sure where it is going yet but it has been painted a dark brown colour and it looks great!
 Most likely to hold books or heavy glass bottles.

I love these darling retro coffee tables. Tom has painted these in a light teal/mint green. I may stack them to create a funky wall unit. These were donated by Violet (Thank-you Violet) along with several boxes of goodies, and I still have a couple more pieces coming from her.
They too will be painted the same color and will be used with the other ones to create a fun display.
Okay that is all you get, Tom will be taking pics of his finished painted pieces and then we will move on to the next batch soon.
Stay tuned!

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