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Monday, August 26, 2013

Location location location

Okay so now the idea is in my head to actually create a depot in our area. Our area meaning the southeast of Manitoba.

To make a depot in Vita wouldn't make sense because there just wouldn't be enough people to support it and there isn't a building or house that could have worked for this idea anywhere in the community.

 So the next logical solution was Steinbach, but after several days and many inquiries I quickly learned that the price and lease commitments would be far too expensive.

I mean, what if this doesnt work?
I have really great friends, family and Tom, my super hubbyman that support me in my ventures even when they think I have lost my marbles (I haven't completely there is just a little hole in the bag is all) but even with that I can not even consider the prices I would have to pay for rent or the long term commitment that most of the locations in Steinbach require.

So then there was the idea of a place in St. Pierre Jolys. It is on Jolys Avenue, off the main drag. It used to be the Village Connection Thrift Shop, but they moved to a new location on Main Street.

I knew and had been many times to the thrift shop when it was open. There are lots of little nook type rooms, it is a known location, and it looked like (from what I remembered) it could be big enough.
So on one of my many trips to Winnipeg I stopped in St. Pierre and drove up to the building. It had a for lease sign in the window and I called the number and reached the owner right away. He was there in 10 minutes and walked me through the building.

It is absolutely perfect! Well almost perfect, it needs a bit of paint and a little bit of planning but it is certainly doable.
I will spare you all the details and discussions that went on between me, Tom, the landlord and everything else in between. The end result is that we have leased the building for a 6 month trial and are scheduled to open October 1st.  Whooooo hooo!

Okay so am I excited? Absolutely alot!!!
But now comes reality and a whole lot of work to be ready to open for October first. As I type this I glance over to the calendar and realize that I have 35 more days to pull this off.

Stay tuned for more coming soon.....

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